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About Save a Smile, Save a Child
​Thanks to the work of Dr. Gregory Lakin, his esteemed predecessor Dr. Arun Gosain, and their team of experts, countless children from all over the world can smile again. Many of these children arrive at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital with facial defects inherited at birth or from a childhood accident. A facial or other deformity can be emotionally and socially devastating for anyone, particularly children. Dr. Lakin and his highly respected team offer advanced treatment options and compassionate, comprehensive care for children and their families. The vision of Dr. Lakin and the dedicated members behind this committee is to use the funding to establish much needed hospital and patient support services. This would include funding for crucial elements of support for patients such as psychological counseling and a dedicated speech therapist for this department. It would also include necessary genetic testing and funding for uninsured patients. The needs of these patients are endless and our goal is simply to provide children with the tools needed to lead the healthy happy successful lives that they deserve.

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